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, Saint

05.05.2015 Cemal Yıldız

My very dear brothers,

Hi to all of you and God Greet.

Assalamu Alaikum and my Rahmetullahi and Berekatüh.

God's Mercy, Forgiveness, Fertility get on top of all believers.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Do you ever say what we thought Saints;

In this article we try to point it İnişaallah.

Evliya word meaning; Enough, Sponsoring, protect, , It means being close to God.

Well, How that happens to be close to God or God-friendly.

According to Sharia, God refrain rabbis, and when they have made lawful to do.

One way or;

Our Lord, Prayer that we have done well. We had made the pilgrimage was also. Alms, offering, stay away from evil, knows, drink, If we get ourselves put gambling to similar evil.

We fulfill the orders of our Lord means.

O, When we have friends of God.

Friends of God that can further solidify our friendship can move forward more.

What are we doing to become more intimate with someone we just met Hani.?

We invite him to our house. We served dinner. We drank tea together. We sincerely moving. Then he is getting another taste of our friendship.

Always call each other every day if necessary, We feel the need to talk and hasbihal.

That would boost the same as it was in our friendship with our Lord in this way we can be friends in the sense that her real.

This is called Evliyalık authorities in Sufism.

After coming to this office that authority Stages Of course they are in phase, Look at life as a man can be perfected eventually passing phase.

We went through all the same way Haci Baba. Nobody was born a saint.

But the Saints should be made on behalf of.

It would not be right, though there is also a work of Evliya events. The result is an abundance of worship to get closer to God on behalf of the authority given to man Evliyalık.

However, it is not easy to reach this office Evliyalık soul authorities after successfully with authorities in order, It is certain that the authorities will reach.

If you wish; Let's try to write a letter to our office to get more of Nef. İnişaallah.

Today our Lord wanted it poured their vocabulary. Our aim, there is not a set here.

If we had a slip of the tongue that amnesty. 05.05.2015 Cemal Yıldız




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