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Dear brothers and sisters,

Tabiri caizse bugün Hacı Babamızı kaçırdım.

Your city We go out. Hacı Babamızı tanıdım tanıyalı doğaya karşı aşırı bir hayranlığı olduğunu bilirim.

Aslında bir kitapta okumuştum. Evliyalar yani Allah dostlarının hepsi doğaya karşı ilgilidirler.

Fırsat buldukça doğanın o muhteşem güzelliğini temaşa ederler.

Yine Hacı Babamızdan dinlemiştim. Mürşidi Rahmetli Hayri Baba Hz.leri, Zigana dağının zirvesinde oturmuş,

doğayı temaşa ederken, He said, “YARABBİ SEN ADAMI DELİ EDERSİN” I have heard it Haci Baba.

Here we go with my dad to wander out of the city today pilgrims.

First we visited our brother Haji Necati. Praise be very well be better. We make our prayer chatted Haji Dad made beautiful speeches. We left our goodwill offering. His family had a very happy.

Then we went to the place of Trabzon's beautiful Lake greenhouse.

Pilgrims follow those studies with our father, we. Recent studies have also been made beautiful promenade area was full.

From there, We take the road towards the direction Akyazi We stopped seer, We continued priest.

This search for pilgrims with those seeking our Father ihvan,

sight commented some of the dream, some have tried to remedy the troubles.

We stopped at a high altitude there we watched our Trabzon'umuzda. We did self in. Our return was from Yeşilova.

Haji Dad Haji Mustafa also said the way I drop by. When we got there, Brother of Haji children, Erkan, Peace, Haydar they were all there.

We read Yasin. Prayers have made. lectures were given to neighbor. Children's lessons asked Haji Dad. Increased the lesson all.

They made us treat God bless themselves. We made the afternoon prayer had us on the road while passengers in the mosque. Later

I left my home Haci Baba. It was a very fertile days.

lately for me, It was one of the best days I have had. Thank you very Haji Dad. So glad I have you.

I love you.

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