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Trabzon Enveriye Eğitim Kültür ve Yardımlaşma Derneği Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı Cemal Yıldız mübarek üç aylar nedeniyle bir açıklama yaptı.


Cemal Yıldız 3 He said, pointing to the importance of the month: '' In order to attain the salvation of mankind get our praise Almighty created various occasions. Praise be to the, We are in an exciting yet again that I have lived to three months. These days, This month the opportunity and our material and spiritual aspects we will have the benefit of assessment. The flavors are more worship and morally, will be sidestepped in a more violent way is always the forbidden. be more useful to the people you financially; In this month of charity and in particular to reach the needy people of our zekâtları, we are one of the humanitarian tasks.


the chaos taking place all over the world, countries to increase the games they play each other in the interests not cut back on material. This situation is also reflected in our country, unfortunately,. unrest in neighboring countries we are still bothered. requests of asylum seekers coming to our country we are wrenching the hearts. That is the test. Now is the time to test. We must be in a Muslim individual in an endeavor on our part to fulfill their duties.

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