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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

20 Nisan 2015 It is one of the month of Rajab.

That is the beginning of three months. Thursday is the lamp immediately after Regaib.

Mubarak is also important in the beginning of three months rather than spiritual terms.

The Almighty, we have created a kind of excuse to amnesties.

Monday to Thursday fasting in this month to stave Resulluah. one of the circumcision of our Lord.

Again, give alms, we are always of use to us in different goodness.

Bizler Trabzon da Regaip kandili akşamı İftarımız olacaktır. Everyone is invited.

Allah şimdiden üç aylarımızı mübarek eylesin.

Resulullah efendimizin duası;


Bize Recebi, Şabanı, Hayırlı kıl. Ramazana ulaştır.


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