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Değerli kardeşlerim zaman, zaman taşıdığımız misyonu kamu oyuna tanıtma açısından basın bildirileri veya röportaj yolunu izlemekteyiz.

Bu da derneğimizin tanınmasına ve kamu oyunun da yer edinmemize vesile olmaktadır.

In addition, the press release addressed to us, we are taking further delights.


Enver, Education, Culture and Solidarity Association Chairman Jamal Stars NGO. He emphasized the importance of Lara.

Bugün, the biggest help of local and general management are stk..

operating in a number of areas from education stk., They operate in many areas up to the bar.

PCS. s of become more active citizens might be more useful, still it depends on being in cooperation with our citizens stk..

Each of our citizens NGO. As active members of the work there is sure to be touched by the benefits to both the environment itself.

PCS. s get the job he should not be built, It must always be a goal of. a sensitive NGOs. The scene found that this should be interested in all kinds of missing or incomplete should be forwarded to the relevant institutions.

Especially in recent years, foreign nationals who defected to Turkey on our religious people, language assistance should be made regardless of ethnicity. here STK. Officer in the neighborhood, the poor, the rich, the poor, the elderly, Muqawqas, should be aware of orphans. delivery of an agent must be picked up from that point on. These are our mission of humanitarian.

We stayed by the state cares about the opinions of all kinds have opened the way for stk., It takes into account.

The most beautiful example of this is the tendency polling candidates for deputy.

Bundan şu anlaşılmalıdır. I care about you. Your choice is important for me. that will lead this country together, let's choose the bride.

This is due to the beauty of democracy. I offer you all respects.

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