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My very dear brothers,

Hepinizi Allahın selamı ile selamlıyorum. Rabbimin, Mercy, Abundance, İhsanı tüm inananların üzerine olsun.

Sevgi Yüce Rabbimin insanoğluna bahşettiği en büyük olgulardan biridir.

Öyle ki;

Sevgi olmazsa, saygı da olmaz,

sevgi olmazsa, iyilik de olmaz.

Sevgi olmazsa, muhabbet olmaz,

Sevgi olmazsa, güzellik olmaz.

Sevgi olmazsa, çiçekler büyümez.

Sevgi olmazsa, iyi, doğru, çirkin. indistinguishable beautiful.

Sevgi olmazsa, good human-growing. These examples can be multiplied.

Scientists have found that love shown a more beautiful and lush flowers grow.

Of course, love is the source of certain. The source of love is our Lord Almighty. He taught us to love.

How the Prophet even though we have never seen our Lord we have love for him.

Although we have never seen in our Lord, We feed the endless love for him.

Öyle ki; Our growing love for our Lord in the recitation of each verse.

We read each hadith increasing our love for our Prophet. Is not it?

Based on the way here, We must love our children how?

I would like to make a little müteala.

And it always has before it a look like the love child of our perseverance prophet ulul

We all know kids love the Prophet. Play for hours with grandchildren. They respond to their demands.

Hz. Anas says:

“Offspring of our Prophet did not see anyone more compassionate.

Abraham's son sitting in the Medina neighborhood of Avala had a foster mother.

I though I found with the Messenger of Allah, he went to see his son often.

Varınca, Enter the blacksmith's smoke-filled house, Embraces his son, koklar, Kisses and returns after a while.”

Our Prophet, Fatima was very fond of her daughter. The last time it suffers will come a time, In return he goes before his burning.

Hz. When his father came to visit Fatima, The prophet stood up to meet her beloved daughter, He sat next to him and kissed his forehead.

Hadrat Fatima had two sons: Hassan and Hussein. My grandson loved the Prophet. Take them to arms, Pulls the shoulder, caressing, Move back, Plays games, He fulfills the desires.

Hz. Ömer (out)

Children love Caliph Hazrat Umar (r.a.) He had a person from Kirami sleepers to call before the governor appointed.

One of the Prophet's grandson Omar comes up. Hazrat Umar embraced the grandchildren, He kissed and welcome his heart.

Hazrat Omer person who was there (r.a.):

- Or Omar! Do you love children?

However, I, Although none of the ten grandchildren that I did not get my lap so far and I kiss, dedi.

Hazrat Umar him:

- What do I do if I remove the mercy of Allah that you? also after

«Who does not love their children and the grandchildren, people can not love at all »he gave up to the governor appointed.

Haci Baba in our, It gives children much value. With them are joking. Islamic ask them questions.

After chatting for a while if you read that right if the child knows her chat. It honors.

Our Haci Baba, during the chat, Whoever is next to the product gives him some water to drink water that also contains the length of the conversation would be three or five times.

grandson was seated next Ebrar during a chat.

Because before us have seen it in Dede (Haji our Father) She treats water.

This caught my attention. Search for believing perhaps long chat Ebrar He offered twenty or more water grandfather was looking at him.

He took a sip every time our Haji Baba gave him a cup.

I watched it wisely.

Haci Baba gives much value our children. to train them well, He has always advices us.

When we asked our state asks us to remember hers necessarily infants,.

Dear brothers and sisters. Praise our God, get us a sample of people that we know the value of things-i has bestowed complete our sülükü.

Let's take the example of life.

May God be with you.

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  1. Haji father to our children so we at least needed to show love to let imtinal.

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