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Sadettin BRIGHT

While the world have received the gospel of Heaven, Ebu Bekir (r.a) ‘ın davetleriyle islamla şereflenmiş, Mekke Devrinin ilk Müslümanlarından, Efendimiz (s.a.v)’in hususi iltifatlarına nail olmuş bahtiyar sahabilerden biridir.

Abdullah ibni Amr (r.a) O’nu bize şöylece tanıtmaktadır:

“ Kureyş’ten üç kişi vardır ki, onlar bu ümmetin en önde gelenlerinden, morality is the most beautiful, twisting the testicles, which are among the most sense. He talked never lies to you and you do not search the talking never open. Bunlar: Abu Bakr Es-Siddiq, Uthman and Abu Ubaydah is thousand Surgeons.

Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah all beyond this compliment (r.a)Then there is another incident that makes memorable; it is also mind-boggling Battle of Badr.

The war was still in full swing. Very trusting them idolaters, they do not expect to have encountered a strength, They cut a handful of lions on the battlefield of Islamic jihadists. Hereafter enthusiasts much of the world, To keep alive the light of faith, One of the lions of everything revealed at Abu Ubaida bin Surgeons (r.a) were Holiness.

forgot to Death, Mien was a fearless warrior. not unmanageable, It sounded almost square narrow. all over the battlefield, as if he had. Abu Ubayda all who idolaters, To meet him was hidden nook and cranny. But it had one of the idolaters; continuous follow him, Search for confronting wanted to kick him. Ebu Ubeyde (r.a) The craftsmen doing maneuvers at a time, This gets rid of the idolaters, it was working vurusmamaya.

The chase continued for a while this minvalinde. And finally Abu Ubaydah (r.a) somewhere not peeled, He faced the same müşrikl. Ebu Ubeyde, friends and came close to breaking the threshold of jihad. Or will collide this müşrikl, or it would fall apart without jihad. He tries to stay away from the main adversary as Abu Ubaydah (r.a) jumped over the arrows as, It was a blow to the adversary; He could not even get a chance to counter the hostile.

Events since the beginning of the following Companions: "The EBA Ubeyd! If so easy that you could beat him, why did you give him that opportunity, "they had sprinklers. Abu Ubaid (r.a): "He was my father. Maybe I gave him the opportunity to give up the circus. But when the jihad with the search input, Here are a continuation of the, religion, I remove the obstacle by choosing my prophet. "Gave the answer.

examination given was indeed a great trial. Ama O, has not only killed his father with a swing that sword, shirk in the person's father, dalaleti, perversion, misfortune of, that hinder the right way also had knock the superstitious mentality.

This heavy trial that Abu Ubaydah bin Surgeons (r.a) served by being awarded with the following Qur'anic verse, But there has been a memorable sentence to yevm'il pork sample for believers.

"A society that believes in Allah and the Last Day, you'll never see that friendship with the enemies of Allah and His Messenger. They own father, children, brothers, relatives, even. " (Fighting Surat 22)

Abdullah Ibn Umar is (R.A)

Hz. Ömer (r.a) Son of our Lord, Hafsa (r.anha) Mother is our brother. honored with Islam at a young age, Efendimiz (s.a.v)'S standing around the propeller turned Misali, Sunnah knows best known and one of the companions living with complete accuracy.

Now waterfall in his heart, Namütenahi conversation by mentioning the sea a few katre, that spiritual atmosphere, Let us strive to chant.

Efendimiz (s.a.v), They inspected the army before the Battle of Badr; underage, weak and feeble ones, They leave behind for the defense of Medina. Our Lord was full of bits Inspection (s.a.v), It ranks among the regular hide itself, Struggling Abdullah ibn 'Umar was noticed to appear to him. "It Abdallah! What is this state?"He commanded when sprinklers; Omar Abdullah ibn-i (r.a): "What RasulALLAH! Age reversing is small, you do not want to spend days without you longing Medina. What would you give me the permission for jihad. "He began to beg. Just wanted to let you see inside this version of the pleading of his companions-then they could not hold their tears rental.

Here in this sentence, Expressing affection in the hearts namütenahi, A ten-year-old Abdullah ibn Umar (r.a), on the grounds that the age of the minor and has not participated in the Battle of Badr and the subsequent battle Uhut; but while remembering Badr Mujahideen and Uhut, biriymişçe almost to the mujahideen, the name has always been zikredilegel.

Omar Abdullah ibn-i (r.a)Then Another characteristic that makes the; Sunnah was complete accuracy life.

Our Lord so great affection bound, It happened that he was committed to the circumcision; Even walking down the steps of the Lord (s.a.v)'The place in which they had become in the press. O'nun (s.a.v) following the walk, O'nun (s.a.v) Stops, where the, O'nun (s.a.v) Look where Look, even their breathing was an effort to give and take with Him.

Once Lord (s.av): "It Abdallah! I serinleyel a little under that tree. "He said he; that every week since then, the same day and at the same time they accept an obligation under that tree listening to him. Efendimiz (s.a.v)'S two trees on the road when he saw stroked coquet, "These seedlings, Honored the Prophet's compliment was fortunate are the seedlings. So to me it is the best way to serve them falling. "Em-i saying right up to the promise that age has continued to serve them.

Efendimiz (s.a.v)'After the death of more that sixty years berhayat Omar Abdullah ibn-i (r.a); Habibi, Efendi (s.a.v)'Painful to this day with excitement and longing to reach life have stood the world; behind hundreds of memorable tales, and countless thousands of hadith wisdom, leaving dar-i arrears They demise.

Now listen to these words, let her mana;

"All my life I just hold fast, They never go to sleep late at night in worship, I can not give away my property if I die this way piecemeal God and to state; but love in my heart against those who obey God, I do not carry the kind of hatred against those who revolt, I see the benefits of all my doing. "

"As spring from prayer, Even if you do not like the nail fasting refrain from unlawful and doubtful things; It does not give value to your worship to Allah. "

Allah Almighty to nail intercession eylesin. Anh and Erzähler of Radiyallahu

Note this article is an excerpt from the Journal Reyhan.

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