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Sadettin BRIGHT

Uhud Gazvesi; the unforgettable heroism, inconceivable that witnessed the martyrdom views; It is a gas- filled with countless signs beginning to end. Musab ibn-i Umeyr’lerin, Abdullah ibn-i Cahş’ların, Hamza Sultan of martyrs of this gas- sipping his testimony sherbet, See the more memorable was nice lesson scene.

Efendimiz (s.a.v) It was the second time that jihad. The number of Muslims, that day by the enemy as less and military equipment, although extremely inadequate; Muslim Prophet (s.a.v)'S ability to be almost competing with the excitement of jihad Medina had gathered on the square. Efendimiz (s.a.v) He inspected the volunteer army and mujahideen age yet very small and weak ones would leave behind for the defense of Medina. That day, the stars eliminated from the eye between the old guidance; yet reached the age of fourteen, Omar Abdullah ibn-i, Osama bin Zaid, Zaid bin Hard, Said Abu al-Khudri had a memorable names like.

Rafi’ (r.a) He asked to be released back to the age of fifteen, although it is. Father of the Prophet in tears (s.a.v)'To come: "What RasulALLAH! My son is a very good use arrow. At that strikes, Reduces the hit. What would he give us, You stay here strange. "He began to beg. Efendimiz (s.a.v) his companions returned to "What do you think?"Decreed. Ashab al-Kiram: "What RasulALLAH! He really does look very good use. "Said. Whereupon the Lord (s.a.v) Rack ' (r.a)Then decreed permission to join the expedition.

Prophet (s.a.v) Rack ' (r.a)'A gave no permissions; Samura thousand valiant young Cündüb (r.a) Jumped up as part of the arrow: "What RasulALLAH! You've left me back amman everyone knows that I beat him every time you let him wrestle. What if RasulALLAH! Take me with you, To deprive me of this virtue. "Lord (s.a.v), again turning to his companions: "Say what?"Decreed. Ashab al-Kiram: "It is true either RasulALLAH! He is in the best wrestling peers. "Said. Whereupon the Lord (s.a.v) They gave permission to him in time ...

One of the unforgettable hero of the day and Enes inb-i Nader (r.a) It was.

It had been found in the battle of Badr. For this reason, "O Lord! If give me another chance, You keep me alive until a second war, I promise I will fight with all my strength. "He begged the Lord continually, testimony was made prayer.

Now that you have accepted the prayer, It was time to pacta sunt servanda. Battlefield was thrown with great enthusiasm. he had virtually every side of the battlefield. Unbelievers do not want to meet him, every nook and cranny of him fleeing. disconnected from a call war, The companions saw the appeal in despair. "Why do you live? Why are you crying?" asked. "The Prophet (s.a.v) Was killed. "He said. testimony of love in the hearts of a fold increased Anas Ibn-i Nader (r.a): "What will you do to her next life? It will be what you will live after death! developed! The Messenger of Allah (s.a.v) Know your rights case can not become a martyr for the sake of our Lord. "He said. At began to take to the place where the enemy's most populous. He was moving furiously. "And Anas! Where are you going?"When she called from behind: "I get the smell of heaven on the outskirts of Uhud." He has come into the ranks of the enemy roared.

His nephew Anas Ibn-i Malik tells:

"One day we found my uncle, He was shattered body, It was an unrecognizable state. But her sister, He was able to recognize his fingers. "

God Almighty intercession to nail eylesin.

(Dear Brothers and Sisters, this article is taken from Reyhan Journal.)

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