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Ka'k s life

Dear brother; This Friday our day we make our Praise be to God Haci Baba. Haci Baba is pointed out something very interesting. Hani us to ensure that our children make their incontinence “Do you have my child's stool, Tell me when taunting” we either, Here he used to when it comes to incontinence in children, Anna kakam of var. This is where they come Kakn told us our father Haji. Kaka essentially a huge fakewas abe. Jews and Jews fought very timely because it can not cope, They made such a fitting name . Unfortunately, we have adopted it in. At least then let's not keep a bad situation.

Ka'k s life
the-Ka'ka’ b. Amr b. Malik et-Temime earned (ö. 40/660) Hulefâ-eating cycle of one of the famous commander Rashid.
Some muhaddithun the opinion that the Shahab-said. Hz. Apostasy in Islam by Abu Bakr during Alkema b. He was sent as a platoon commander reached over and successfully completed the task (11/632). The same year, Khalid b. Büzâh his war-n-lunan Tuleyh joined with a claim to prophethood of Waleed. Ulleys and the conquest of Khalid b Übulle. He participated together with Velid'l (12/ 633). Located in the conquest of hírek Ka'Kau ', Hâlid b. Valance while Walid's orders stayed in hírek. Then in a variety of task-he was assessed conquest. Hazrat Abu him Ubeyde. Send Iraq-control capacity of the vanguard on the orders of Omar (1 3/634). Ka'Kâ ', Kadis also played a major role in Iran before the conquest. Battle that took place in Ağvâs, At the beginning of the vanguard was won as a result of the efforts shown by the Ka'kâ' (14/635). Khalid's order also participated in the conquest of Ka'Kau Suri-ye ', He served in a cavalry of be-evil in the Yarmouk War.
Ka'kâ’ Battle of Qadisiyah real fame (15/636) achieved; The achievement of this war, though it is rumored that his share in the. Medair's conquest of mares LiI. Yezdicerd owned armor, sword, handling equipment such as helmets who Ka'Kau ', then the Prophet. The vanguard of the war he joined Omar's behest as commander Celûlâ. The war has steadily increased-from Hulvân a garrison facility (16/637). In the same year Sa'd bin. Abu Waqqas tried to join forces at his disposal. The following year he was sent to Homs and participate in this well-conducted Al-Jazeera conquest. 21'from (642) Nihâvend’in ve 24’te (645) He took part in the conquest of Hamedan. After a while, he settled in Kufa Ka'Kau '. Hz. In Osman period-style interior wife supported the caliph. Opponents of the siege of Medina by the Prophet. Among those who came to help at the request of Ka'Kau Usman” There were also. Hz. Ali regime supporting it Ka'Kau ', In previous talks without the Camel Vak'ası'n Hz. Ali representing Talha b. Ubayd and Zubayr b. Met with Avvâm. Prophet of Cemal and war. Ali fought in the ranks.
Ka'kâ’ He was famous for his courage. Hz. Abu Bakr also highly praised his courage and his useful work(İbnü’l-Esîr, IV, 409) At the same time the poet Ka'kâ' shih-ire is more related to war. Poems Âsım b. Hammud with Nuri al-Amri's poetry has been published by Kays and Hatim Saleh ed-Dam.(Mecellet the Külliyyeti'l-Adab Câmi'at Baghdad, his. 31 (Baghdad 1981) s. 205-251)
Religious IA, Religious Foundation Publications, 24/216

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