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Kurban Bayramı ile ilgili, bir açıklamada bulunan Hacı Enver babamız,

şöye dedi;

“Kurban İbadettir.

İbadetide yaparken kurallarına özen göstermek lazım. Nasıl ki namazımızı kılarken Tadili erkan’a uymak zorundayız, sünnetlerini, farzlarını, vaciplaerini yerli yerinde yapmak durumundayız yoksa namazımız da eksik olur.

Kurban alınırken dikkat edilmesi gereken hususlara özen göstermekde bir ibadettir.

Kurbanın yaşına, güzelliğine, sakat olmamasına karnında yavrusunun olmamasına dikkat edilmeli.

take home the meat of the slaughtered animals an amount of 4/3 should deploy. The victim's virtue is here.

Behold, our Lord Resullah (sav) cut the victim and the Prophet. Aisha asked was that our mother

-Is what did or did distribute Aisha victims

o da

– Yes Or did deploy three-quarters of a Resullah’ also stayed with us.

It is said the Prophet (sav) As ordered

– He said it was up to us on the basis that you distribute Aisha.

Here we need to trace the same path.

He recently found the victim in a reminder about those who predict abroad.

One of the victim's farziyet is to de RESIDENT.

So you cut back on the living victims Download. the passenger, or there are people who do not fall victim to another town if they are to remain less than fifteen days but may sacrifice exceeds fifteen days.

Muslims around the world celebrate Eid after this reminder of t Haji Our Father,

He prayed to stop the bloodshed in.

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