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Dear brothers and sisters,

Derneğimiz her konuda olduğu gibi Eğitim ve Öğretim de de duyarlı davranarak örnek teşebbüslerde bulunmaktadır.

Yeni eğitim ve öğretim yılı ile ilgili yapmış olduğumuz basın açıklaması kamuda çok kabul gördü bununla ilgili yazımız ektedir.

İlgililere yapmış olduğumuz çağrıya basında geniş yer verdi.

Rabbim utandırmaz inişaallah.


together with the issue, as always, we start a new school year.

Family of economic hardship in case anyone is not enough, three families with children will read about how children below the hunger threshold salary aside, The status of our country from the Afghan and Syrian refugees in deplorable.

No tools and supplies needed for training in children with no clothes.

They look into your eyes, you go to school. Here, the task still remains discreet family.

Some of the Giants and the standard of education being received very exorbitant donations of schools as well as social areas that are extremely beautiful.

But the condition of the schools can not receive grants dumped from every direction.

Another thing is the private university exorbitant prices they have received under the name of opening universities.

Supposedly private universities are private universities which annually fifty thousand TL.

Fully a rant door. Created by boards of trustees gives a symbolic figure hit the back of the other students.

If your daughter or son if you work very hard to earn college especially private universities holding points.

Again, very expensive country is changing from five thousand to fifteen thousand TL. State country for that matter much more advantageous. A student reading in major cities from Anatolia go to the annual costs would be precisely thirty thousand TL.

God give convenience. Each province has a college in each district at least two years of high school now, There are just as. Now there's an easy promise of political. One school.

These beautiful, The little things that go well with a scalpel You have to hit them.

There are more important issues. She had been done on children of drug traffickers trade. This manner must be prevented. Okul, family, national education, safety can solve this issue by giving hands. Even when you want to work on this issue can be a team of volunteer citizens. We support the prohibition of all kinds of substances that will harm our children. We want to withdraw further up the age limit. We do not want to read the news of death in the newspapers every day.

better training of new yl and thank my supplication to Almighty to be auspicious.


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