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Ankara ili Temsilciliği

Ankara Representation

Dear brothers and sisters,

Ankara province, those of us who our brethren, Our Association to open the first branch of our association, including our Yasar brother lodged an appeal to the Headquarters Board of Trabzon.

application is evaluated to be made;

The General Assembly is necessary to open a branch in Regulation, Regulation of the extraordinary General Assembly of Representatives now receive data instead of April 2016 ordinary general assembly which will be held in the Year has been granting permission to open branches.

10.09.2014 determined to Ankara Yasar Aydinli our province we have received on-Ali Riza Tural-Adnan Sahin guys documents were sent to the Representation.

Bi arduous but so prosperous that my Lord help us this way,tr. At this point, we expect all our brothers and sisters material and spiritual support.

Allah utarmasın. God help us.

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