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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

with the arrival of our Haci Baba Praise God began again mobility.

Yesterday evening, our conversation made our brother Ramiz guys have taken that to a new home, we. Very feyzl the, so fondly was a zikrullah.

Ramiz Bey Enveriyy to EDUCATIONAL Culture and Solidarity Association has received the gift of our Father that offered pilgrims. Hediyeyi verirken

Hacı Babamız kısa bir konuşma yaptı. Haci Baba to talk,

“Gifting is both humanitarian. Hem de İslamidir.. Din kardeşleri birbirlerine bu tür konularda yardımcı 0lmaları gerekir.. Resullulah efendimizde hediyeleşmeyi severdi.

Evinizde ailenizle beraber mutlu, huzurlu bir yaşam sürmenizi dilerim. Hayırlı, uğurlu, be blessed.” Said. Also, program the brethren those who presented their gifts.

Ramiz Bey was very emotional for me, while the significance of this gift is a very big gift. However, this gift makes the gift even more important to me to present our father said Haci.

Then refreshments were.

We as an association, We say good luck. God blessed soul.

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