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Very Dear brothers and sisters.

Önümüzdeki Pazar günü akşamı MİRAÇ KANDİLİ dir. Tüm İslam âleminin Miracı Mübarek olsun. Rabbim yar ve yardımcımız olsun.

Dear brothers and sisters. Mübarek üç ayların içerisinde bulunuyoruz ve Rabbim bizleri af etmek için bir çok sebepler yaratmış. İşte üç aylar bunlardan sadece bir tanesi. Üç ayların ilki olan Recebin sonuna gelmiş bulunuyoruz. See what the Messenger of Allah, our Lord said in fasting month of Rajab for those Tita. Us, we are of the istafe inişaallah.

• Allahu ta'ala, they forgiveness of fasting in the month of Rajab. [Gunye]

• a day at the beginning of Rajab-i sheriff, One day in the middle and at the end of a day of fasting, reward is given as have kept all of Rajab. [Miftah-ul-precious]

• holding a day of fasting month of Ramadan, except for the sake of Allah, distance will be a century of horse racing until well away from hell.) [Abu Yala]

• It is not turned back on following prayers performed five nights. Regaib night, Shaban 15. night, Cuma, The night of Ramadan and Eid.) [İbn-i Asâkir]

• "Rajab-i Sharif in three years on the first day of fasting, It would be the second day of fasting and penance to two years again on the third day of fasting a year younger sin. After all of the little each day a month is conducive to forgiveness and forgiveness of sin. "They buyuruyor. (Camiu-s sağir)

• İbn-i Abbas -radiyallahu anh- his nibs: "The Messenger of Allah and blessings PROPHET- Recep month of fasting was sometimes so much that, He thought we were never going to Iftar. Sometimes it was that so many Ramadan, We never thought we would hold fast to Him. "has commanded. (Muslim)

Although the forgiveness of all sins ever so engüzel these days to evaluate our leader, our Prophet Hz. Muhammad Mustafa argument. should take the example of our Lord we should strive to live as he lived.

Dear brothers and sisters,

How do we account drawn from the work world we are responsible for our lives, There is no doubt that we have done in the afterlife we ​​will be called to account from work. Moreover Hereafter is eternal life. What we do not endure to live comfortably on our fleeting life, then we will stay there until the hereafter I ç.alışal.

Rabbim, this beautiful day of her soul the best way of assessing the best.

According to the above Hadith Sharif; Sunday and Monday would be very nice if we had the fasting. But the best is to keep three days. days starting Sunday, pazar, Monday, release hold are suitable. Our Almighty which will give the reward. We are a blessed Eid-ul Kandili'nde.

Make all relics.

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