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Dear Brothers and Sisters, Hepinizi selamların en güzeli olan Allahın selamı ile selamlıyorum.

God's Mercy, Abundance, Mağfireti hepimizin üzerine olsun.

Bugün 04.Nisan 2014 Hacı Babamızın yol arkadaşı, Hacı Muhammed Niyazi Sekmen’in (Niyazi babanın) ölüm yıl dönümü. (sene-i Devriyesi)

Hacı Babamızla, Hacı Niyazi Babanın yol arkadaşlığı çok eskiye dayanır.

Aynı zamanlarda Hayri Baba Hz.lerine mürit olmuşlar.

Hayri Babanın dizinin dibinde ders almışlar.

Onun nasihatlerini dinlemişler ve onun terbiyesi ile de Tarik de yol almışlardır.

Sonunda Rabbim her ikisini de oniki tarikattan icazet alma şerefine eriştirmiş.

They never gave up against that of a love and respect.

Even after my father immigrated Hayri, They saffet much effort for the riots subside, They do their best.

They made more disintegration in the name of community consultation come together, Anwar Haji Baba instead of opening a branch of its own, This way the decision to continue with Niyaz fathers have continued like that for a while.

Pilgrims in the course of our father Niyazi's father Haji paper still has a name.

with our so-called Haci Baba (Niyazi father says.)

– There are many services that lead to the Son. Hayri was Father's Radar.

– Islam was a very loyal and very loving person says.

– Haji memories of our father tells him that every time. We take it for us, we.

– We both Anwar Haji Baba-i as the murine, Both Enveriyy Education, Culture and Solidarity Association as his family and wish them patience at the mercy of God.

– Rest in peace.

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