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Günün haberi

Ma'am, good day to you all

God's mercy be upon us a blessing to you.

cold began in the whole country. Of course, most of us know we istitiy beautiful sunny days.

But he needs to water the crop.

Potter would pray; Gracious did sell pot, I have to win the support of my home, but must dry the pot. To do this, I want sunny days, of the.

The farmers grow lettuce've addition gracious Crops. I have to sell my house, raise them to win support. Please pray for rain, but rain needed it.

My Lord is so great that, accept the prayers of both potters farmers. Makes the hearts of the both. It is good if what they are doing. It has brought us to welcome the chief.

I do not know how it came to mention here. But we also pray or

Here is the prayer of the day;

Yarabbi ölmüşlerimize Rahmet,

Providing health care for survivors, health appetite,

blessings to our life,

As long as we live in Liberty and Happiness,

When we are going to die Word-i IN WITNESS WHEREOF,

Court-i Kubra acquittals share eyle. (Amin, amin, amin)

Not: Send prayers that were made after class. Allah razı olsun.

Haji Dad's weekly article I shall try to publish today.

Be commend to God.

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