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kameri Aylar


1– I MUHARREM: First lunar month. which is forbidden. This month battle between the Arabs before Islam was given the name of Muharrem this month. the Tahrim.

2- SAFER: Second month. Still to be empty and. Although Arab tribe in this month's war with another tribe was given this name because they make it flat and empty.

The city of Mecca this month people have also said that given that name because they appear to freeing journey.

3- Rabiul-Awwal: The third month. Spring; of flowers open, The grass ended the season. Bu iki asset yield (steam) reasons for the said: Arabs should be released for the benefit of the camel grass and greens in this month.

4- RABÎU`L-ÂHİR: It was the fourth month. Autumn.

5- PRIOR CEMAZİYEL (CÜMADA'EL-Ula): The fifth month. ilk mazi, geçmiş.

6- yesterday CEMAZİYEL (CUMADA'L ÂHİRA): The sixth month. Son mazi, These two months because cold water freeze intensified (CUMADÂ name that is given meaning to freeze. the feminine (Arabic also bearing signs of femininity) these are only two months. Because (Friday) but the extent FUALÂ word used for feminine.

7- RECEP: The seventh month. azametli, imposing, to venerate, name of a river in paradise. RECEBÜ`L Arabs because they respect the god of war this month and they are counting lawful and sacred to the Arabs in a separate from other months FERD(= ONE AND ONLY Recep) also called. Other holy things with siren-Zü'lka' in months, Zü'l-Hicks, I'm muharrem. This is a row with. The single Recep.

8- PLOW: This is the eighth month. December, cessation, This month tribes as they fan out to search for water or plunder and war (meaning that the separation and dispersal) ŞABAN is named.

9- RAMADAN: It is the ninth month. It is to side, because fasting this month, and since the sins of the repentant, do not be. Severe cases of the hottest days of fierce sun and the moon that occurred this month (the angry and violent means hot) transport has been given the name of Ramadan.

10- SEVVAL: The tenth month. Female camels are shown lifting up the tail, including increasing signs of anger or pregnancy this month. Milk is named for the month decreased.

11- ZİLKA'DE: On the first month is. Ignorance by Arab and palm speed ripening of the crop was used in the sense of collecting. The Arabs sits this month, time and were predicament war.

12- Hijjah: On the second and last of the lunar months. This month is the last month of the lunar year. Arabs pilgrimage intent and they intend this month (in the sense that to mean) this name

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