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Peygamberimize(s.a.v.) Salât-ü Selam Getirmenin Önemi

our Prophet(s.a.v.) Salat-u Hi fetch Importance

Allah sent as a mercy for all creatures (c.c)'S Prophet Muhammad. Muhammad Mustafa (s.a.v)'Salat-u or bring Hi; One of the factors faith, To love Him, and He is supposed to be the nation.

Believers how our beloved Prophet-ur blessings that they read greetings? Allah (c.c) and that the angels are singing and honor to salute the supreme prophet-ur blessings. Allah Almighty has said in this regard.

He PROPHETS AND ANGELS Allah VERY Salat. (HIS HONOUR to the Surveillance, They glorify the San IMPORTANCE OF DATA.) EY MUMINLER! Salat DE YOU ON ONE AND A FULL DATA surrender GREETINGS. (Surat al-Ahzab 56 )

Allah (c.c) 'S blessings to the Prophet say; O to the praise of His mercy and the angels before, Means the glorification of the prophets San.

The Angel of blessings to the Prophet; located in praying for our prophet and istiğfar, One is with respect and explain their love.

Muminlerin in salad; Hz. glorify the Prophet's honor, He is making prayers and love for our prophet to express their respect.

In other words, the believers of the Prophet. Blessings of the Prophet; to glorify the name of the Prophet, to pray for the victory of the invite, mind is to ask to be considered. What fate of our beloved prophet sun two world-ur blessings, ought to salute less. He is above all praise and love. Allah (c.c)'Tan then he is most worthy to be praised.

Salat-u salute is in order to bring; Allah (c.c)'S obeying the order, Prophet is trying to pay the right upon us.

Hz. What is the provision of bringing peace be upon the Prophet Salat-u?

the Messenger (s.a.v) once it is obligatory salute to bring blessings-ur name is now. If more than one is referred to salute bring blessings-u circumcision.

Salat-greetings FORMS

01- Allahümme SALLE Alain MUHAMMAD

02- Allahümme SALLE Alain and Alain MUHAMMAD ALI MUHAMMAD


04- The Messenger of Allah

05- Allahümme SALLE Alain and Alain MUHAMMAD ALI MUHAMMAD SALLEYT the violin, BERAKTE .... (Before you read salat-u greetings greetings in prayer.)

06- Sallallahu AGAINST Vesselam'ın

07- Assalamu EYYÜHENNEBİYY of Aleyna

08- ESSALÂT Vesselam'ı Aley or RASULELLÂH

09- ESSALÂT Vesselam'ı Aley or HABÎBELLÂH


11- ESSALÂT Vesselam'ı Aley or Sefik-AL Ümmehan

12- ESSALÂT Vesselam'ı Aley or MÜZNİB of Sefik-AL

13- ESSALÂT Vesselam'ı Aley or HAYRİ to halkillâh

14- ESSALÂT Vesselam'ı Aley or SEYYİDEL Mürsel


16- ESSALÂT Vesselam'ı Aley SEYYİDEL before or VELA barn.



1- The people closest to me who deserve my intercession on the Day of Judgment and, my blessings upon me the most are those that hi-u.

2- Whoever blessings to me once, Allah (c.c) It blessings on him. He forgives sins and the ten degree increase tenfold.

3- Whoever forgot to bring blessings I salute u, anyone forget that the way to heaven.

4- even though my name is mentioned alongside, Amateur Salavat bring you rubbed the man's face to the ground; When parents in their old age, one of them or both overt t, Because they do their duty against, One can not enter heaven as you rub the ground face, Ramadan kavuşup te, This month inference forgiven, face and nose are rubbed against the ground.

5- Friday is the most virtuous days. Hz. Adam was created on Friday and died on Friday. Sura will be blown on Friday. Hell will break loose on Friday. It brings me a lot of blessings-to-day greetings. Your Salat and greetings, Respectively submitted to me by angels.

6- God (c.c) There are angels on earth, walking about, They let me know they are my people the blessings-to-read greetings.

7- Allah-ü (c.c) Allaah has given His Majesty's name to an angel sleeping-place for all people to vazifelendir. Whoever brings me salute u blessings until the Day of Judgment, me like angels who are charged with one of the father's name Salavat person who greeted you, read says you blessings.

8- more stingy with the stingy man; Besides, even though I said I was the one to bring me blessings hi-u.

9- O Umar! The one who brought greetings to the prayers of blessings-u your prophet is trapped between the ground and the sky in prayer for admission to the convent-the religion can not be reached, t until the blessings hi-u getirince.

10- If one of you from God (c.c)One San worthy when they want to make a wish first of all, you have a way to praise-u Senai, then bring Salavat prophet, because this prayer by; Allah’a (c.c) reaches. pray that, God (c.c) acceptance and is more suited to achieve the desired.

11- Who's next to my sleeping-place-if u bring me blessings greetings, I hear it. Who makes the remote if it will be delivered to me Salavat.

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