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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I greet all of you with Allah's Greeting.

Assalamu aleikum and Rahmetullahi and Berekatüh. Grace of our Lord, Abundance, Peace be upon all those who believe in forgiveness.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Human beings get rid of bad habits, If you want to learn good manners, must comply with the following three things will glorify him.

1- Mahviyet, anything smaller than that, seeing itself. Mahviyetinde ashy (All the elders) be destroyed by.

Ego, pride, Being away from arrogance, to destroy the ego.

2- Incase fault. Although Bugz one's a flaw that connect to a defect in the moral wisdom ( Bugz; Dislike, kin gütmek, dislike ) and challenged person must be convinced that without good reason lisa.

If that person never been seen in the improvement just because my telkini (stimulation are made) should not be. It should also be made of Allah cc.

If nothing is said to affect, He must still be asked Allah cc. And he must see himself lower than one.

3- World love. The whole world Metai( Meta; world goods, the available trading capital goods) There are over. Whereas INVENTORIES creatures and things that we love any thing if he loved, Cc's not forget that God is an artwork. Because we love our work alone, object that we have acquired ourselves God. We have worshiped the creature stop Halik.

Her ne sevilirse onda Allah cc. we must bear in mind that there is never un Tecelli'yat. Her şeyi yaradan o dur.

We have to remember these four things.

1- All I do is no hasenatı, tasbihat, REMEMBERED, EVRATUR proud avoid them. I lost the one I have right now is in fear, hopes to be in fear.

2- Countenance. That orientation, It is a means to show love and concern. Murshid is conducive to the advancement of his followers to show favor to each disciple.

3- Nexus. That commitment, binding, ilgili, is meaning are associated. Rabıtasız Awrad of worship (You Evranuz, Meaning: Arabic, virt it means. Every time wandering in the language and word of mouth. Sect of the patriarch or from them
The virt organized by sheikhs from then, at a certain time by a certain number of followers,
taken individually or collectively.) the flavor can not be observed. Lezzetsiz feyizsiz olur. Ben Rabbimi görmüyorum ama o beni görüyor, benim her halimi biliyor, işitiyor bu düşünceye rabıta denir.

4- Murakabe. Yani gözetleme bakma. Gözaltında bulundurma. Kişi kendini bir şişeye benzeterek, şişeyi yere çalar, kırar yok eder. Sonra dünyada sena rüzgârları ile savrulup, yok olma, kendinden ve bu âlemde bir şeyin kalmaması böyle düşünmek. Bunu kendine hal edinmek. Yukarıda saymış olduğumuz bu dört şey müridin tefeyyüz etmesini sağlar. En güzeline Allah cc bilir. Selam ve dua ile Allaha emanet olun.

Ne güzel söylemiş Aşık yunus

Mülk-ü bekadan gelmişem

Fâni cihanı neylerem

Ben dost cemalin görmüşem

Hûr-i cinanı neylerem

Wahdat meyinin curasın

Much to drink innocent from the hands

I got a smell friends

Musk I'm ReyhanI neylere

As Jesus put it place

I'm watching the heavens eylere

Didar was Musayı

Ben “only Terani” I neylere

İsmail`in Hak yoluna

I sacrifice my life eylere

Çünki bu can kurban sana

I'm a victim of coach neylere

Innocent love with Dolphins

Vuslat be found by revel

I hit the bottle stone

U ARI houses neylerem

Everything he knows the most beautiful God. May God be with you greetings and prayers.

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