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the breed was Muhammad conversation,

Muhammad 'you what breed of affection?


This terse phrases, sire (s.a.v.)"I wish what brings so beautiful. He is the prophet conversation; There is talk among the volunteers for. O, Most Merciful Prophet; It was sent as mercy to all living and non-living entity.(1) Enough languages, hearts are directed him. Our Lord for the last time,The existence of human wisdom, The meaning of life, He reminded him of the marijuana test. And His Messenger 'are attributed to the love of their consent to be honored. Yup, my brothers, 12 Sunday, January grace of the world will realize one more anniversary of Mercy Messengers. This holy night, milletimiz centuries of being revived as lamps and Lord mevlid (s.a.v.) It is known with great enthusiasm. His birth, peace has long been believers hearts, Reflected the joy on the face. recently located,

"This is the sultan from ilm-i Ledün,

This is the wisdom profit are from oneness-i.

This from arming for the sake of fortune,

Müştak stops people face-ur angel. "

It manifests with strings. The Messenger of Allah, “Ben Muhammedim, ben Ahmedim, I'm mercy peygamberiy "(2) he introduced himself with the words. Rabbimiz de, "You certainly get to a sublime morality"(3)he was beloved praised the. "I you, müjdeci, witness, an inviter calling Allah's permission and I sent his way as an illuminating lamp "(4) The verses of our Lord (s.a.v.)’in, It reveals the intention is submitted.

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

Lord of lords, a humanity which is to believe in God, Serve life, sincerity, loyalty, the supreme values ​​such as truth and called to the decorating. His arrival to the world; life death, persecution justice, ignorance to knowledge, darkness to light, cruelty to compassion, It has been hostile to peace. lost in the darkness of humanity has found the road again with his guidance. The hardened hearts are softened by her compassion springs from the world of chaos. Our Prophet, principles have been brought personally by living example to us all. Ours is the task, that should give direction to our lives beautifully wrapped tightly principle. Such is the case every mevlid, Our Lord for us and will be a new meeting with his vibrant message.

the Fellowship of, We learned from him friendship and love. Fraternity brother teaches us not to hold a grudge as required by ethics we heard this verse from His holy mouth: "Our Lord! Forgive us and our brethren who have believed before us. our hearts, no grudge against those who believe fastening! Our Lord! Surely you Most Merciful, You are very compassionate. " This prayer today with our whole cells in high tones "amen" as to how much we need brothers.

Our peace of the world,When grappling with the problem of age when, in desperation, we çırpınmakt. Life bit unfamiliar to run to the Messenger of Allah's mercy loaded single drop of hope in the fight against adversity and not to hold our clinic Is? humanity is addicted to the kind of problems, his goodness of heart language identification, sharing spare hand to the generosity icon, forbidden to screen out, no, not another of the holy language of theology we not need more than ever? brotherhood, komşuluğu our, faith, and we do not have to query again under the guidance of Islam anlayışımızıo?


Peygamber Efendimiz (s.a.v.)The Birth celebrates, He's also the universal message, faith and prayer life, sublime morality, principle of protecting human dignity, The legal fraternity, Unity and solidarity, solidarity, We must remember the concept of justice again. That we must endeavor to ahlaklan the morally praiseworthy by our Lord himself. Our face Mevlana, You are not missing any of our hearts the love of our Lord. These days you our dear readers congratulated the lamp mevlid, We are in the presence of our Lord in supplication to perfection-I respectfully said. "O velâdet the earth spring, the feast of humanity, Sultan of hearts, Can the Supreme Resul life! you know you have to have faith and to be dolayıbiz, Those of the greatest blessings the Lord's perception Armenians would be accessible to our eternal praise and sena. hearts full of blessings and peace be upon you Tayyib Spirit. Allahümmesallialâseyyid Muhammad "

1- Anbiya 21/107

2- Muslim, Kitâbü’l-Fedâil, Tirmidhi, Şemâil, 167

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5- Hashr 59/10

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