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Sacred Hadith related to morning prayer


The Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu alayhi Sellem) şöyle buyuruyor:

"Who would have revived as if half the night if the hair in a community in late evening, who also happens to have spent the entire night in prayers in a congregation think if you make the morning prayer. "

| Muslim: 656, Tirmidhi: 221

Prophet (Sallallahu alayhi Sellem) şöyle buyuruyor:

"Whoever makes the morning prayer that, Under the protection of God. "

| Hadis-i Şerif, son Mace

Prophet (Sallallahu alayhi Sellem) şöyle buyuruyor:

"Allah the Almighty patronage, It demands nothing from you. "

| Tabarani: 7/267

Prophet (Sallallahu alayhi Sellem) he said:

"Whoever will fulfill the morning prayer that, Under the protection of Allah. It demands nothing from you because of Allah swt embezzlement. Who wants to go with something from Allahu ta'ala patronage, After it grows throws him face-down hell fire.

| Hadis-i Şerif, Muslim

Prophet (Sallallahu alayhi Sellem) şöyle buyuruyor:

"Hypocrites most heavily from prayer; Isha prayers in the morning and are. What if he knew that the two prayers? Even if he comes crawling his two. "

| Musnad Ahmad 52/424

Prophet (Sallallahu alayhi Sellem) şöyle buyuruyor:

"Hypocrites most heavily from prayer, The morning and night prayer. "

Abdullah Ibn Umar (He Radiyallahu) he said:

"Isha and we could not think good about the man we see in the morning prayer, we found the bad suspicion."

| Tabarani El-MUAM El-Kebir: 12/271

Prophet (Sallallahu alayhi Sellem) şöyle buyuruyor:

"Who will go to heaven if you make the two Burd. İki on burden: Morning and afternoon is prayer. "

| Bukhari Fath al-Bari: 2/52

Prophet (Sallallahu alayhi Sellem) şöyle buyuruyor:

"We always day and night are angels in succession following. They gather in the morning and afternoon prayers. Those nights you are rising to the sky. You abandoned God, the Almighty, even though he knew them better than they do on what state my servant? diye sorar. They say: They make them we were leaving the prayer and they pray when we get them. "

| Bukhari Fath al-Bari: 2/33

"A group of angels in the night, another, group repeatedly during the day they had come to you and among you. He meets in the afternoon after the morning prayer with (day) remain among those who have interests in the skies. Lord becomes the servant of the state where the angels know best "what did you leave my servants form?"He asked. They said, "We left them praying, We have already found praying "the answer they give; If you have someone to raise a sinking prostrate before the afternoon prayer day, Complete the prayer. If he will raise a prostrate before dawn the morning prayer day, Complete the prayer "

| Tajrid-i Sarih Translation

"The enemy cavalry chasing two genuflections even abandon the sunnah of morning prayer"

| Abu Dawood, 2/301, no: 1258; Ahmed b. Hanbal, 2/405

“Hz. Prophet, like no other two rak'ahs of prayer in the morning did not keep a prayer in vain "

| Buhari, Teheccüd, 27; Muslim, Misâfirîn, 94 – Hz. Aisha

Prophet (Sallallahu alayhi Sellem) şöyle buyuruyor:

"Congregational prayer is made on Friday morning prayer of the most virtuous landed in God."

| Ebu Nuaym El-Hilye: 7/207

"Suppose in the prayer, Friday (morning) congregation in a prayer to be made is not superior to the morning prayer. Who makes this prayer if, I have no doubt will be honored forgiveness of God-round. "

| Hadis-i Şerif, Camiussagir

"O faithful interlocutors, (your home, your country ) nurlandırınız prayer tomorrow. Because the reward is great in the morning prayer. "

| Hadis-i Şerif, Camiussagir

"In the morning prayer, you must make sure to. Because this prayer is not an occasion to nail every good thing desirable. "

| Hadis-i Şerif, Camiussagir

"After the morning prayer with the congregation until the moment the sun is born of God and cute to me yesterday-or more than all the blessings in the world; also, After the afternoon prayers with the congregation to the remembrance of Allah until the sun sets is cute than those in the world and the world, He replied to me. "

| Hadis-i Şerif, Camiussagir

From Abu Hurayrah (out): The Messenger of Allah (pers) ordered:

"People, read the call to prayer and knew the virtue of making the first pure prayer and other choice but to take to set up well to nail them they did not find, They must establish pulls. Prayer knew the virtue of going early, They would race them for his. Isha and they knew the reward of a morning prayer, Even if they go crawling to them. "

| Bukhari, Muslim, Muwattd and Nasai

Hz. Anas (out) recounts:

"At the same time that revelations (Meal): "O Prophet, his family ...! He wants to make you clean out problems your sins "

| Holy Koran - Ahzab 33

Prophet (pers) the way to morning prayers, six months in close for a while, Hz. Fatımanın (out) stop by the door: "Prayer(a development) O Ahl al-Bayt "wants to make you clean out problems your sins!"He said."

| Hadis-i Şerif, Tirmizi

"Who would sit down after the morning prayer in congregation makes, until the sun rises in Allaah if the chant Allah-u, If you then make two rak'ahs, itself a full pilgrimage, win a full reward like the reward Umrah. "

| Hadis-i Şerif, Tirmizi

Prophet(sav) As ordered:

"Two coolness prayer, What makes the morning and afternoon nobody goes to heaven. "

| Bukhari, Mevâkît 26; Muslim, Mesâcid 215

"The Messenger of Allah(sav), When the prayer was read for the morning prayer, Before you start to assume that the two rak'ahs he makes light hold. "

| İbn Mace,salad,1145

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