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SHARES of stories

Infidel Go:

Hound of the Father, Anwar Father, He told us it.

At one time, Governor; Every Friday on the road all the way to Friday prayers he gives an amount of money as alms to a beggar sitting in the same place.

Beggars every time you hayreyl the fate he had prayed God. Choose, One Friday after giving alms to the same beggar again and goes to the mosque sermon that day when enlightened on the many jammed, so that, Gracious through your 40 There are friendly people inside, he was friendly face of these difficulties I finished my sermon that meat disposed to respect the water he found in prayer.

A friendly face of God who have the honor of water in the community, Allah c.c. accepts prayer.

Governor, live in a time when, a snapshot in time, put it out, def-i makes incontinence is the ablution well and will continue from where it enters the mosque sermon in.

The congregation does not know that those who end. The next Friday again gives way to the mosque alms to beggars and beggars in the same place as every time you pray so that God the fate of hayreyl, Governor Bey; Do not you know that you say another prayer by, Governor of beggars; God has died in the last Friday prayers as friendly miscreant, of the.

No one is certain what will happen. Last breath is very important.

We güvenmeyel we have made to worship.

God No End fate of our soul.

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