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Monthly Archives: October 2013


MORNING niches Morning After the obligatory expression of prayer; – 11 Defa; Subbuhün Kuddusün Rabbünâ ve Rabbül Melaiketih ver Ruh. – 11 Defa; Eşhedû enlâ ilâhe illallahü vahdehû lâ şerikeleh lehül mülkü velehül Hamdü yuhyi ve yümit ve hüve Hayyül lâ yemut biyedihil Hayr vehüve alâ külli şey’in Kadir – 11 Defa; La ilaha illa sübhaneke ente ... Read More »


Önemisor the day of Ashura and: What is the day of Ashura?Reply: Almighty Allah, Which coincided with him on the blessings given to them by the prophet and our religion adıdır.sor Given the importance of the day respected: Which month of Ashur, Which is the day?Reply: Islamic Aylardan muharremi 10. günüdür.sor the: Why this day “Asura” It was called?Reply: Because of lack of significant events on this day, which means ten in Arabic, 'grove’ This name is derived from the word konulmuştur.sor: It ... Read More »


CZECH we chant in our courses and the MEANING of Esma eüzübillahimineşşeytanirracîmbismillahirrahmanirrahîm accursed devil I seek refuge from the evil Allhim. The name of Allah the Compassionate and Merciful (I begin) Divine entemaksu and Rızaik and chanting my intention likaikematlub Either you, before exit, Your beauty in my being honored with DUmdUr mura. Al-Fatiha: The name of Allah the Compassionate and Merciful. Hamd (praise and the praise) To Allah the Lord of the Worlds. He is the Most Gracious, ... Read More »


1– Imam Baqir (a.s): "Everything has a spring, Ever-Glorious Qur'an is the month of Ramadan in the spring. " 2- imam Ali (a.s): "Ramadan is the month of Allah, Saban month of the Messenger of Allah, Recep my month. " 3- The Messenger of Allah (s.a.a): "Human, If he knew the virtues of Ramadan, He wants them all to be the year's Ramadan. " 4- Imam Sadiq (a.s): "Best (faziletli) Jihad is to keep the hot air to fast. " 5- The Messenger of Allah (s.a.a ): "The sky's the first door on Ramadan ... Read More »


Fasting => Verses about the fasting of Surah Al-Baqarah 183 . Believers in verse! to refrain from fasting to Allah,, from you as an obligation incumbent on the previous, Suppose you have been made well. Of Surah Al-Baqarah 184 . Verses of Lent, number of days;. Who is sick of you, or if the trip, Number of days the amount can not keep other days. Fasting to those who can not afford a poor satisfaction ransom However verir.43, those who can ... Read More »


Fast reconstruct the accident and keffaretigerektir Guide 1. eat and drink, knowing that fasting (food and drink you want, whether you're drugs). 2. There is not even sexual intercourse Fasting. One husband and wife in an accident where a forced sexual intercourse by force if the other and atonement, forcing him to crash the necessary income to the person who made the relationship. 3. rain in the mouth, snow and hail their ... Read More »


Quran verses about prayer 1. “Surely prayer restrains from hayasızlık and evil.” Surat al-'Ankabut (29), 45 Ayat-i Kerim means all is said Mani: “Read books that inspired you and make prayers. Surely prayer restrains from evil and from hayasızlık. of course, to the remembrance of Allah is the greatest worship. God knows what you do.” He translated the verse hayasızlık and evil “fahşâ” ve “Munk” The meaning of the word is more comprehensive. Fuhşiyat, and openly ... Read More »


disrupts prayers are major issues: 1 – talk Prayer. Whether mistakenly, want forgetting, If you want to slumber, more or less all kinds of prayers disrupts speech. 2 – eat or drink anything during prayer. While in prayer, even something as small as a sesame seed taken from outside the mouth yutuls prayer is broken. A pea-sized meal to swallow now stuck in between the teeth will distort the prayer. ... Read More »


Order of Honor of valuable believers have faith brothers. I greet all of you with Allah's Greeting. ESSELAMUN aleykum VERAHMETURULLAHİ VEBEREKATÜHÜ. The mercy of our Lord Abundance Forgiveness wound us get on top of all believers. We are pleased to publish the first week of our chat on our site Haci Baba. As our Lord should grant to benefit eylesin. This week, our conversation is over and Exquisite Mind. People are the most valuable assets to the blessing MIND. this blessing, by whom ... Read More »


Dear Brothers and Sisters, Very soon our website, Haci Baba in our weekly chat every week we publish a chat section. Again, Columnists in Part, Dear Dr. Ahmet Serdar Bey and theologian Mr. Teoman, Incentives will be with us by writing Kahvecioğlu. Together, beautiful days İnişallah. Read More »

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